Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Today's blurb is basically me sharing beat driven/electronic music I'm currently digging created by tha-tha-tha ladies! Lady producers that are really making me swoon and wanna dance. 

I don't have the time to really elaborate on who and why I chose what I chose, as this is going to be a work in progress playlist. I'll be digging and hounding for music to add and update... and pending the mood I'm in, it might get kinda cray-cray.
So if ya like beats and bloops, have Spotify and want to celebrate some women driven good vibes, then check out this playlist and feel free to follow it.
I'll also be adding links to a few tracks on Soundcloud, too. So look for those links below, yeah? Yeah!
Until I'm officially back on the airwaves, this is the most time efficient way for me to share musics. It's inspiring, even if I'm the only one getting anything out of it. I get inspired to find new music I've never heard and delve further into a variety of genres and obscurities.I'm hoping to add more live mixes straight from my little basement space in Portland, but need to do some space making first. So this is how I roll... for now. Enjoy!

Ellen Allien

 Maya Jane Coles

 Cooly G

Anna Lunoe

Soundcloud links:

Get off your ass and dance mix by B.Traits:

Do the same with this tasty bit by 
Nina Kraviz:


Scifisol (pdx):

And mah homegurl:

Never_Odd_Or_Even (pdx)

AND that's not all!

Cheers people of planet Earth. Enjoy your beats and ambient noises. 
Be nice. 


PS: I create stuff, too. :)  


Thursday, January 29, 2015

Happy Un-Valentine's Day.

"Time counts and keeps countin', and we knows now finding the trick of what's been and lost ain't no easy ride. But that's our trek, we gotta' travel it." -Savannah Nix  from Mad Max Beyond the Thunderdome

Hello Bastards.

You loveless, beautiful bastards.

Listen... I don't know what your deal is and I'm not even going to start pretending I do.
Maybe you are unable of feeling and giving love or maybe you are a love junkie... endlessly giving away your love, unrequited. Or perhaps you are in love with someone who is also in love with you, but for whatever reason(s) it's just not going to happen. Maybe? Maybe not.
Maybe you are roaming around in some giant, uncomfortably grey, heart churning badland.
Like Tina Turner in Mad Max Beyond the Thunderdome, fighting your way against the odds of bad humanity and bad love!
You don't NEED another hero, but wouldn't complain having one... the right one.
Le sigh. Le bullshit.
So here comes February 14th. Stupid Valentine's Day, where lots of people make it something super duper special and everyone else scoffs at it. "Another Hallmark corporation driven bullshit holiday... forcing people to have unrealistic expectations of themselves and others!"  Well, truth. Word. Proper.
But admit it: deep down, like WAY deep down in that soul of yours you'd love someone to make you dinner, pop by all armored up with sweet kisses, or maybe bring you a small handpicked (from the neighbors yard) bouquet of herbs and flowers... something. Something special. Not just on February 14th, but any day/night would do. I'm projecting. I know this.
Is romance dead? Probably.
It's not like V-day was a gem of a history, either:

Romans were crazy!

So in lieu of this lovely/lonely time of year... I present the most soulful broken bastard mix ever.
Warning, not for the faint of swooning nor for the faint of music with soul. I handpicked this while mourning and lamenting my own romantic woes. This is the way it sounds. I'm a hopeless romantic, and surely not the only one...


And for the heartbreakers out there, oddly enough I want you to keep on breaking hearts.
It makes for beautiful music.

Cheers, Bastards.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

365+days later...

...and I'm back!

 I just started volunteering with Portland station KMUN. Soooo excited! I won't be doing radio broadcasting for a while yet, but I've already started hunting for music I would like to share.
I'll also be taking a few classes they offer: studio mixing, engineering, news reporting and a myriad of other radio station related classes. Pretty excited about that aspect. Until I find a perfect slot for the airwaves, I'll share some playlists from Spotify now and then to keep things fresh and inspired.
 I just might be the only person this benefits. But maybe, just maybe, YOU will appreciate my efforts and my hunt.
It's going to get brutal, messy, emotionally charged and dare I say... primal.

 Stay tuned as I make KMUN my home station. Word.

 This is a collection I've been compiling thus far, enjoy!


And remember:

Friday, November 4, 2011

Eclectic Boogaloo Show

Bjork- Where is the line

Boards of Canada- Sixty ten

Buke and Gass- Medula oblongata

Metric- Police and the private

Purity Ring- Lofticries

Massive Attack-Karmacoma(video version)

St. Vincent-Surgeon

Amon Tobin- El Cargo

Jacaszek- Dare-gale

Mux Mool- Palace Chalice

Laurel Halo- Aquifer

Sevish- Dreaming Enhasa

The Prids- The Glow

Dedicated Servers- 5 more minutes (Pat Benolkin rmx)

Little Dragon-Seconds (Syd the Kid rmx)

Gorillaz- Amarillo

Apparat- Black water

VHS or Beta- I found a reason

Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah- Same mistake

Bonobo-If you stayed over

Shabazz Palaces- An echo from the hosts that process the infinitum

Seapony- Where we go

FM Belfast- New Year


Cosmonaut Grechko- Singin'

Digitalism- Forrest Gump (feat.Julian Casablancas)

Pulse Programming- First they fire


Battles- Wall Street.

Thanks for tuning in!

EBE show 11 3 11 part 1 by amyontheradio

Friday, October 21, 2011

Holy Time Warp, Batman!

It's been quite a while since my last show! Work hours and the sickness forced me to find subs for my last two shows. That's a long time to not be on air.
However, last night I was rocking out the Halloween themed tracks and it was great fun. Spooktacular, even.

The Eclectic Boogaloo Show Halloween Edition 10/20 11pm-1am!


Shake Senora- Lord Kitchener from the Beetlejuice soundtrack
Theme from the Great Pumpkin- Vince Guaraldi Trio
Haunted Beats- DJ Spooky
Just One Kiss- The Cure
Bloodletting- Concrete Blonde
Shape Escapes- from John Carpenter's film "Halloween"
Halloween- Siouxsie and the Banshees
The way to a Monster's Lair- In Tall Buildings
Ghost in a Ditch-Franz Ferdinand


I put a spell on you- Screamin Jay Hawkins
Halloween Party- Central City Music Company
Sweet Transvestite- from the film Rocky Horror Picture Show
Dracula- Rob Zombie
Ghost Town- Shiny Toy Guns
Halloween- Dead Kennedys
Poltergeist- Les Savy Fav
Ghost- Rogue Wave
Moon- Bjork (from new album "Biophilia")


Ate the Sun- Mr Gnome (from upcoming album "Madness in Miniature"- on tour now!)
Killing Moon- Echo and the Bunnymen from the Donnie Darko soundtrack
Untogether- Lush from the album Spooky
Curses, Spells and Charmes- excerpt by Vincent Price
Dracula- Gorillaz


Warning Call- DJ Shadow (from upcoming album "The Less You Know the Better"
Oogie Boogie- from the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack
Night- Zola Jesus
Ghost Song- AIR
Ghost- Bombay Bicycle Club


Spooky Jookie- Man Man
Shadows- Flying Lotus
Dracula- Philip Glass


Friday, August 26, 2011

It finally feels like Summer. least in spurts, it feels a lot like Summer. I have yet to go camping this Summer, which is a damn shame. At least I have music, and lots of it! For now- it's work, doggy walks, pie baking, music sharing and random trips to the beach on the menu for Summer. No complaints.
(But I really want to go camping.)

Last night was a fun show. Lots of goodies from several decades and genres. A big quilt made of rare scraps of fabric. I'm working on getting the show, or part of it, online to listen to and for downloading. I'm currently using Soundcloud, and I really dig it, but I don't dig that in order to actually have more than 2 hours of music posted, I'll need to pay for a larger space/ subscription. Being that I volunteer for KMUN, it doesn't really make sense to put my cold, hard earned dollar bills into acquiring more space for previous shows. So, until I find an alternative solution, Soundcloud it is. 2 hours at a time. :)

Last nights menu:

Juana Molina “Sonamos” from Segundo (2004)

Broadcast “Before We Begin” from Haha Sound (2003)

Esquivel “Flower Girl from Bordeaux” from Cabaret Manana (1995)

Gotan Project “Lunatico” from Gotan Project Live (2008)

Lykke Li “MY LOVE” from Youth Novels (2008)

Tapes 'n Tapes “Badaboom” from OUTSIDE (2011)

Ima Robot “SHINE SHINE” from Another Man's Treasure (2010)

The Prids “Before We Are” from Love Zero (2001)

Gorillaz “Rhinestone Eyes” from Plastic Beach (2010)

LCD Soundsystem “HOME” from This Is Happening (2010)

Devotchka “Till The End of Time” from Little Miss Sunshine (2006)

Deerhoof “Super Duper Rescue Heads!” from Deerhoof vs. Evil (2011)

Hot Chip “ALLEY CATS” from One Life Stand (2010)

Junior Boys “Bits And Pieces” from Begone Dull Care (2009)

Skalpel “Directions” from polish jazz

Neon Indian “Terminally Chill” from Terminally Chill - EP (2010)

Mr. Gnome “Night of the Crickets” from Deliver This Creature (2003)

Muscles “ICE CREAM” from Ice Cream - EP (2007)

Pulp “Common People (Full Length Version / Album Version)” from Different Class (1995)

The Sea and Cake “Escort” from The Biz (1995)

Tipper “California Rolls” from SURROUNDED (2003)

Girls “God Damned” from Album (Bonus Track Version) (2009)

Flying Lotus “Loop Exec” from July Heat

DJ Shadow “Monosylabik Pts. 1 & 2” from The Private Press (2002)

YACHT “The Afterlife (The XX Remix)” from The Afterlife - EP (2010)

Spank Rock “Chilly Will” from Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo (2006)

Solex “On An Ordinary Day” from The Laughing Stock of Indie Rock (2004)

Martina Topley-Bird “Stevie's” from Quixotic

Be well and I'll be back in two weeks, I hope you will too!


Friday, August 12, 2011

Hello, Thursday!

So last night was my first Thursday show. I'll be on every other Thursday from 11pm-1am. Sweet! More hours at once! Last night was fun, except for losing signal during a song for a few seconds... which always feels like hours on air. I blame the radio station ghosts!

The Eclectic Boogaloo Hour (Music) with Amy 08/12/2011 12:00AM to 01:00AM

Gorillaz “Crystalized” from NA (2011)

Architecture in Helsinki “Like It Or Not” from Places Like This (2007)

The Apples In Stereo “DanceFloor” from Travellers In Space and Time (2010)

Audio Bullys “Hit The Ceiling” from Audio Bullys Ep (2002)

Cassettes Won't Listen “Large Radio” from Small-Time Machine (2008)

Aphex Twin “Girl/Boy Song” from Richard D. James Album (1996)

CSS “Let's Reggae All Night” from Donkey (2008)

MSTRKRFT “Work On You” from The Looks (2006)

Basement Jaxx “Cish Cash” from Kish Kash (2003)

Datarock “The Most Beautiful Girl” from Datarock Datarock (2007)

Casiotone For The Painfully Alone “To My Mr. Smith” from Twinkle Echo (2003)

Bat for Lashes “GLASS” from Two Suns (2010)

Class Actress “Journal of Ardency” from Journal of Ardency - EP (2009)

Amanda Palmer “Runs In the Family” from Who Killed Amanda Palmer (2008)

Chicks On Speed “Euro Trash Girl” from Will Save Us All (2000)

Modest Mouse And 764-Hero “Whenever You See Fit (Scientific American Mix)” from Whenever You See Fit (1998)

Bjork “Human Behavior” from Debut (1993)

The Octopus Project “What They Found” from Identification Parade (2002)

Blonde Redhead “Here Sometimes” from Penny Sparkle (2010)

Frog Eyes “The Sensitive Girls” from Paul's Tomb: A Triumph (Bonus Track Version) (2010)

The Hood Internet “Sprawl of glass” from web (2011)

Com Truise “Beta Eyes” from Fairlight - Single (2011)

Delorean “REAL LOVE” from Subiza (2010)

SBTRKT “WildFire” from not yet released (2011)

Matthew Dear “But for You” from Leave Luck to Heaven (2003)

Audio Bullys “I'M IN LOVE” from The Festivals Album (2008)

Moby “BEAUTIFUL” from Beautiful - Single (2005)

Chairlift “Evident Utensil” from Does You Inspire You (2008)

Chew Lips “SOLO” from Solo - EP (2009)