Friday, August 26, 2011

It finally feels like Summer. least in spurts, it feels a lot like Summer. I have yet to go camping this Summer, which is a damn shame. At least I have music, and lots of it! For now- it's work, doggy walks, pie baking, music sharing and random trips to the beach on the menu for Summer. No complaints.
(But I really want to go camping.)

Last night was a fun show. Lots of goodies from several decades and genres. A big quilt made of rare scraps of fabric. I'm working on getting the show, or part of it, online to listen to and for downloading. I'm currently using Soundcloud, and I really dig it, but I don't dig that in order to actually have more than 2 hours of music posted, I'll need to pay for a larger space/ subscription. Being that I volunteer for KMUN, it doesn't really make sense to put my cold, hard earned dollar bills into acquiring more space for previous shows. So, until I find an alternative solution, Soundcloud it is. 2 hours at a time. :)

Last nights menu:

Juana Molina “Sonamos” from Segundo (2004)

Broadcast “Before We Begin” from Haha Sound (2003)

Esquivel “Flower Girl from Bordeaux” from Cabaret Manana (1995)

Gotan Project “Lunatico” from Gotan Project Live (2008)

Lykke Li “MY LOVE” from Youth Novels (2008)

Tapes 'n Tapes “Badaboom” from OUTSIDE (2011)

Ima Robot “SHINE SHINE” from Another Man's Treasure (2010)

The Prids “Before We Are” from Love Zero (2001)

Gorillaz “Rhinestone Eyes” from Plastic Beach (2010)

LCD Soundsystem “HOME” from This Is Happening (2010)

Devotchka “Till The End of Time” from Little Miss Sunshine (2006)

Deerhoof “Super Duper Rescue Heads!” from Deerhoof vs. Evil (2011)

Hot Chip “ALLEY CATS” from One Life Stand (2010)

Junior Boys “Bits And Pieces” from Begone Dull Care (2009)

Skalpel “Directions” from polish jazz

Neon Indian “Terminally Chill” from Terminally Chill - EP (2010)

Mr. Gnome “Night of the Crickets” from Deliver This Creature (2003)

Muscles “ICE CREAM” from Ice Cream - EP (2007)

Pulp “Common People (Full Length Version / Album Version)” from Different Class (1995)

The Sea and Cake “Escort” from The Biz (1995)

Tipper “California Rolls” from SURROUNDED (2003)

Girls “God Damned” from Album (Bonus Track Version) (2009)

Flying Lotus “Loop Exec” from July Heat

DJ Shadow “Monosylabik Pts. 1 & 2” from The Private Press (2002)

YACHT “The Afterlife (The XX Remix)” from The Afterlife - EP (2010)

Spank Rock “Chilly Will” from Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo (2006)

Solex “On An Ordinary Day” from The Laughing Stock of Indie Rock (2004)

Martina Topley-Bird “Stevie's” from Quixotic

Be well and I'll be back in two weeks, I hope you will too!


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