Wednesday, January 28, 2015

365+days later...

...and I'm back!

 I just started volunteering with Portland station KMUN. Soooo excited! I won't be doing radio broadcasting for a while yet, but I've already started hunting for music I would like to share.
I'll also be taking a few classes they offer: studio mixing, engineering, news reporting and a myriad of other radio station related classes. Pretty excited about that aspect. Until I find a perfect slot for the airwaves, I'll share some playlists from Spotify now and then to keep things fresh and inspired.
 I just might be the only person this benefits. But maybe, just maybe, YOU will appreciate my efforts and my hunt.
It's going to get brutal, messy, emotionally charged and dare I say... primal.

 Stay tuned as I make KMUN my home station. Word.

 This is a collection I've been compiling thus far, enjoy!


And remember:

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