Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Today's blurb is basically me sharing beat driven/electronic music I'm currently digging created by tha-tha-tha ladies! Lady producers that are really making me swoon and wanna dance. 

I don't have the time to really elaborate on who and why I chose what I chose, as this is going to be a work in progress playlist. I'll be digging and hounding for music to add and update... and pending the mood I'm in, it might get kinda cray-cray.
So if ya like beats and bloops, have Spotify and want to celebrate some women driven good vibes, then check out this playlist and feel free to follow it.
I'll also be adding links to a few tracks on Soundcloud, too. So look for those links below, yeah? Yeah!
Until I'm officially back on the airwaves, this is the most time efficient way for me to share musics. It's inspiring, even if I'm the only one getting anything out of it. I get inspired to find new music I've never heard and delve further into a variety of genres and obscurities.I'm hoping to add more live mixes straight from my little basement space in Portland, but need to do some space making first. So this is how I roll... for now. Enjoy!

Ellen Allien

 Maya Jane Coles

 Cooly G

Anna Lunoe

Soundcloud links:

Get off your ass and dance mix by B.Traits:

Do the same with this tasty bit by 
Nina Kraviz:


Scifisol (pdx):

And mah homegurl:

Never_Odd_Or_Even (pdx)

AND that's not all!

Cheers people of planet Earth. Enjoy your beats and ambient noises. 
Be nice. 


PS: I create stuff, too. :)  


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