Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Eclectic Boogaloo Hour 7/19/2011

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The Eclectic Boogaloo Hour (Music) with Amy 07/19/2011 12:00AM to 01:00AM

Gang Gang Dance “MindKilla” from Eye Contact (2011)

Radiohead “Morning Mr Magpie” from Morning Mr Magpie - Single

Clams Casino “Gorilla” from http://www.thefader.com/2011/04/15/clams-casino-gorilla-mp3/ (2011)

Dunes “Tied Together” from http://www.pitchfork.com/forkcast/16009-tied-together/ (2011)

Washed Out “Soft” from Within and Without (2011)

Burbank International “I think we're alone now” from Warthog (2011)

Nature Boy “Heart to Fool” from http://www.amazon.com/Heart-to-Fool/dp/B0026IPCEI

Laurel Halo “Constant Index” from http://stereogum.com/755502/laurel-halo-constant-index-actress-violet-remix/mp3s/ (2011)

Eskmo “Cloudlight” from Cloudlight - Single (2010)

High Places “Modern Things” from Enjoyed: A tribute to Bjork's "Post". (2008)

Assymetrical Head “Forward Lateral” from http://architectsandheroes.bandcamp.com/album/forward-lateral-ep-a-h002 (2011)

Picture Plane “http://stereogum.com/731902/pictureplane-post-physical/mp3s/” from http://stereogum.com/731902/pictureplane-post-physical/mp3s/ (2011)

Balam Acab “Oh Why” from Wander/Wonder (2011)

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